Consulting & Research

Consulting and Research Areas

AAAJ focuses on civil engineering and other related engineering and cross-cutting areas for critical civil infrastructure development and design.

AAAJ is interested and involved in a wide array of planning areas related to civil infrastructure, including conceptual frameworks, master plans, system plans, feasibility analysis, financing, forecasting, system analysis, scenario planning, strategic planning, continuity planning, disaster planning and recovery, modeling, simulation, public-private partnerships, and others.

AAAJ has developed tools, tutorials, designs, and operational strategies using Microsoft Office, SAS, R, LINDO, MATLAB, ArcGIS, Autodesk, PTV America software, HCS, etc. AAAJ has also explored analysis of big data and the use of machine learning, deep learning, AI, and Neural Networks for Civil Engineering, Transportation, Aviation, Freight, and Medical applications.

AAAJ has 360-degree expertise in transportation, involving planning, design, operation, management, feasibility analysis, systems analysis, and optimization of multiple modes, including highways, aviation, freight, railroad, public transportation, intercity transportation, etc.

AAAJ is interested in urban planning as it affects land development, transportation plans, design and operation, and the emergence of smart cities. AAAJ considers accessibility, equity, communication, sustainability, resilience, sanitation, safety, and efficiency in developing and evaluating infrastructure plans to meet the needs of local, regional, national, and global communities.

AAAJ engages in and has expertise in several aspects of aviation, including master planning, systems planning, strategic planning, air service development, design, operation, safety, security, sustainability, continuity planning, and future scenario developments.

AAAJ participates in freight planning, freight mobility, freight compatibility, truck parking needs, freight performance measures, freight modeling, first-mile challenge, last-mile innovations, freight sustainability, freight resilience, and supply chain crises.

AAAJ has unique expertise in traffic flow analysis, modeling and simulation of freeway and arterials, traffic signal designs and plans, traffic signal preemption, work zone capacity and safety, traffic impact studies, and design for vulnerable users.

AAAJ has committed to investigate equity, sustainability, and resilience of critical civil infrastructure development, particularly dealing with multiple transportation modes, and how it is affected by and how it affects communities during disruptions.

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